What I did on my summer vacation

The familiar words above were certain to greet us as we returned to school each Fall.  We were challenged to write about our adventures and experiences as our first assignment from our new teachers. I don’t think of myself as a writer, but here I am, dipping my toe into the waters of blogging at the suggestion/encouragement of my daughter who blogs and administers here. I hope I do not disappoint 🙂 Working my way through WordPress and Blogsy and it is a little daunting in places, but once that Publish button is pressed and I see what results- I feel a sense of accomplishment, and its all good! What shall I write about? Well my blog title refers to seams (as in sewing) and finishes (as in finishing a seam to preserve its integrity and appearance), so perhaps sewing will be my focus. But I also dabble in machine embroidery, and I like to cook too, and craft a little bit… I think these are some starting points! Thank you for joining me, I hope you will stop by again. Now to  learn a new skill:  uploading and captioning a picture from my summer vacation!


Chatham, MA


6 thoughts on “What I did on my summer vacation

  1. While you were at the Cape, did you have a chance to visit Murray’s Fabrics in nearby Orleans? It’s an intimate shop with a lot of willing help and suggestions. The owner actually lives on the premises. It’s an anti-Jo-Ann’s.

    (NOTE: I am grateful for my local Jo-Ann’s without which there would be no sewing supplies in my area. But when in Cape Cod, it’s Murray’s for me.)

    • I’ve never been to Murray’s Fabrics but will make a point of looking for them, since I only know of two sources on the Cape – JoAnn’s and Tumbleweed’s Quilts, both in Hyannis. Thanks for the tip!

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